Soccer Funweeks
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Course Formats

Course Age Groups : 5-13 years of age. On arrival all children will be greeted and asked to register at our course reception. Players are grouped in ages.

Our reception is always located at the course changing area entrance. You should see our banners and course flags as you drive up.

Prior to the course start the coaches are introduced and clear course rules are communicated to all the children. The children are then placed into groups clearly defined through age groups.

The day content will consist of warm up exercises, various coaching sessions and “friendly” games. During the day we will have a mid-morning break and a lunch break. The final session of the day will consist of a themed tournament. Throughout the day all children will enjoy our exclusive football inflatable.

At certain times of year we will be handing out diet and nutrition advice in form of a handout to all players attending our courses.

On the final day of the course we will hold a formal presentation that consists of numerous awards and offer a number of special awards including Premiership tickets / prizes / signed balls / shirts. All children will receive a course certificate.

Special Events

Please watch out for special events such as:

What To Bring:

  1. Clothing and footwear for indoor and outdoor (Grass/astro)
  2. A packed lunch with drink (we do provide free optional drinks)
  3. Trainers And Boots Where Possible.
  4. Sun Cream Easter Onwards.
  5. Enthusiasm !!

Please send your child prepared!!!

Designated Qualified Child Protection Officer: Minimum One Per Course Venue.

Designated First Aid: Minimum One Per Course Venue. *All Staff Are Government CRB Checked*


All coaches have clear guidelines on children safety and adult access and are directed by a senior course co-ordinator.

Parents are permitted to watch from behind the barrier and ideally at the final part of the day which is 2pm - 3pm (tournament time)

We operate from venue's that are secure and offer facilities of the highest standard.

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